How Online Guitar Lessons Can Accelerate Learning

Playing guitar is arguably the coolest thing any human being can do, why? Because it is so.

Everybody who’s cool and has ever been cool plays guitar and so you must learn to do so if you ever want to be cool.

So cool.

Like James Dean, leather jacket cool. Like Hank Moody, Californication cool.

That cool.

Not James Bond cool, that’s just bad-ass.

Check here for facts:

Either way, there’s a lot of methods I’ve found that work great when trying to learn how to play guitars – most of them require some kind of serious commitment but if you’re not willing to do so then you might as well never even pick up a guitar because why the fuck would you?

Commitment and discipline are paramount to learning anything.

Here I want to talk about what each means and how they relate to one another.

Commitment is unlike discipline in that commitment is a complete loss of the self in to what you’re doing.

No distraction, no leading astray, none of that. Being committed is fully immersing yourself and making a promise to you that no matter what you’ll get this done. That’s commitment.

Discipline, on the other hand, is setting strict boundaries for what needs to get done, how and when and following through on such premises.

When discipline and commitment are combined – magic happens.

As a matter of fact, if you’re trying to do something and you DON’T do either of the two – you lost before you even started.

You must have two and you must hold them to their highest valor.

Any endeavor worth doing will require ultimate sacrifice, it will call forth your discipline and commitment and you must execute.

Failure to execute signifies a failure in adhering to your values as a person.

Failure to adhere to your own values will be the end of you.

Cognitive dissonance will be the ultimate tragedy. A failure to process the fact that you’re not adhering to your values and rationalizing it with dumb thoughts.

Excuses, rationalization is the devil.

Discpline + Commitment is the sure pathway to heaven.

To success, to prosperity.

A structure without values, principles or a structure that fails to adhere to such virtues will ultimately crumble.

Whether a tower, a corporation, a person, or an entire empire. This is what ultimately led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

A failure to live by their virtual code.

They transcended from a stoic society into an epicurean one and lost their way in the transition.

This loss marked the start of what would be the collapse of one of the greatest civilizations on planet Earth. Arguably the largest empire the world had ever seen, and what was the foundation of the modern Western world.

So you must commit, you must be disciplined and you must follow through regardless of what life might throw your way.

This is the only way. The true way, the road to your salvation.


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